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HDFC Credila Education Loan

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How Does This Process Work?


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Frequently asked questions

  1. Reduces last minute hassle and saves time during the Visa process
  2. Know your loan eligibility in advance and plan accordingly
  3. Better acceptance of the sanction letter over the solvency letter

Please wait for the HDFC Credila representative’s call. He/she will give you the complete details of further steps.

HDFC Credila has a student friendly education loan application process:

  1. HDFC Credila informs you about the details of education loan and related terms and conditions.
  2. HDFC Credila sets an appointment with you for the house visit.
  3. HDFC Credila’s representative visits your house and collects application form with the supporting documents. We can visit the house of students and parents both, even if they are in different towns. HDFC Credila has presence across India.
  4. The application goes through credit and underwriting process.
  5. We check credit history of parents and students.
  6. We visit students and parents for employment and other verifications, valuation reports etc.
  7. We perform risk analysis using HDFC Credila’s “Predictive Credit Scoring Model”.
  8. We sanction or decline the loan.
  9. For sanctioned loans, disbursement formalities get completed.
  10. HDFC Credila disburses the loan amount
  1. Fully completed application from
  2. Photos
  3. Photo ID
  4. Residence Proof
  5. Academic Documents
  6. Proof of Admission
  7. Bank Statement
  8. Income proof of co-aaplicant
  9. Immovable Property Document

It depends on multiple factors such as:

  1. Academic background of the student
  2. Type of course and University for which education loan is applied for
  3. If collateral is offered against the loan or not. Type of collateral offered.
  4. Co-borrower/guarantor on the loan. Job profile of the co-borrower etc.

It varies depending on the candidate’s profile, loan requirement and financial background. This will be discussed during the approval process. 

The loan application will be processed two phases:

  1. For in-principle sanction
  2. For disbursement of funds

The in-principal sanction letter would be given in about 7 to 10 days from the date of receipt of completed Application Form along with the supporting documents from the customer.

Similarly, the disbursement would be completed within 7 days from the date of receipt of all post sanction documents from & completion of the underlying post sanction process by the customer.

HDFC Credila is the only lender that not only finances upto 100% of the cost of education but also gives education loan over Rs. 20 lakhs. What’s more, HDFC Credila also covers living to expenses in addition to tuition fee.

No. You can apply for education loan before getting admission confirmation from University / College. If your case is approved, you’ll get a conditional loan sanction letter. This helps many students get confidence that their funds can come from HDFC Credila. Students and parents feel confident to apply for better colleges, without worrying about how to fund the education cost.

Yes, work experience does make a positive impact while granting a loan.

The loan is for the complete education cost including tuition fees, living expenses, books and periodicals and some times travelling expenses as well.

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