Graduate Record Examination

The GRE is a big necessity in Canada. The Graduate Record Examination is a standardised test systematised by the organisation ETS (Educational Testing Services). It tests your skills in verbal reasoning, analytical writing, quantitative skills, & critical thinking. GRE is a computer-based exam with a user-friendly design. You may also get merit-based scholarships on outstanding performance in the GRE.

Types of GRE

GRE General Test

The General Test of GRE tests your quantitative ability, verbal reasoning, and analytical writing skills. This is the most chosen exam by all students planning for higher education and is also accepted by almost all the Institutes/Universities. The test is conducted on specific dates all around the year, and you can take the exam any day you wish.

GRE Subject Test

There are six GRE Subject Tests which measures the candidate’s accomplishment in a particular subject area. These tests are in the following areas: Chemistry, Literature in English, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, and Psychology. It is organised on a fixed date everywhere, just like any other entrance exam. This test is required usually as a prerequisite for specialised programmes.

GRE Registration

There are four methods of registering for the GRE exam in India.

Online Registration

The registration for the exam is entirely done on the online website. You need to have an account for registering for the GRE on the ETS Website. Create a new account.
Once the candidate has been logged in the GRE official website, he/she will find their ETS ID and name displayed. Register by clicking ‘Register/Find Test Centres, Dates’. Select the required Test Type, Test Venue and the date of the GRE exam. Complete the registration procedures carefully. Make the Payment by credit/debit card.
Note: Online registration for test-takers with any disabilities or health-related issues need to visit the following link

Mail Registration

Print and complete the given form, and submit it to the address below with the appropriate exam fee:

2nd floor, DLF Infinity Tower–A
Sector 25, Phase II,
DLF City, Gurgaon,
Haryana – 122002

The organisation must obtain the completed Form at least three weeks before your chosen GRE test date. The exam Confirmation number, the test centre address and test reporting time shall be emailed, faxed or mailed to you.

Phone Registration

Call the Regional Registration Center (RRC) – ‘Prometric’, Gurgaon, Haryana on (+91 12441 47700). Call them at least two business days before the preferred exam date to register for the exam. Again, the confirmation number, test centre venue and reporting time will be sent to you.

Fax Registration

Print the given Form, fill it with your personal information and fax the same to (+91 12441 47700) with the appropriate exam fee. The Form must be sent at least seven days before your chosen test date.

GRE Test centres

The GRE is conducted at the following cities in India

  • Bangalore
  • Mumbai
  • New Delhi
  • Ahmedabad
  • Allahabad
  • Kolkata
  • Chennai
  • Gurgaon
  • Hyderabad and
  • Trivandrum.

When to start preparing for GRE?

There are some crucial pointers to be noted before deciding about the GRE :

  • These scores need to be sent along with your application.
  • You can re-take the exams, but as per the following conditions mentioned on their website:

‘You can write the exam five times in a continuous 12 month period from the starting of the first test, with a gap of minimum 21 days between two consecutive attempts. You will receive the scorecard 10 – 15 days after taking the test. ‘

GRE Pattern

The GRE exam pattern has three parts – Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning. Apart from these, there are also extra unscored sections included for analysis purpose.

The Analytical Writing section always appears first, whereas, the Verbal Reasoning, the Quantitative Reasoning, and the unscored part may come in any order. The Writing section has two questions with 30 minutes allotted for each task to be completed – the total time summing up to one hour. The verbal section also has to be completed within one hour. The Quantitative Section gives you 35 minutes for each of the two parts. Here we have the GRE General test Pattern.
Analytical Writing One "Analyze an Issue" task, one "Analyze an Argument" task30 minutes per task – 1hr in total
Verbal Reasoning 20 questions per section – 2 sections30 minutes per section – 1hr in total
Quantitative Reasoning 20 questions per section – 2 sections35 minutes per section – 1hr 10mins in total

Results and Scores in GRE

GRE Score Validity: Five Years

Scoring Pattern

0 – 6, in half-point incrementOne "Analyze an Issue" task, one "Analyze an Argument" task3.6
Verbal Reasoning 130 – 170, in 1 point increment150
Quantitative Reasoning 130 - 170, in 1 point increment152
Total260 - 340

GRE Result

Your official GRE scores will be displayed in your ETS account online. They shall be sent to the colleges/ universities of your choice within six weeks of your exam date. ETS will notify you when your official GRE result will be available in your account.

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