Moving To Canada: The Final Checklist

Seriously! Getting the University enrollment was an entire roller-coaster ride. But now, you need to gear yourself to leave back everything and begin a new journey in Canada. Seeing new faces, walking down the local alleys and streets, breathing in the beautiful culture will all be an exciting ride! But then, you will be leaving the ones you love the most, and the city you have grown up in. Moreover, there will be an entire shift in your lifestyle, be it the time zone, the food or the culture. You need to be ready for it all.

There are a few steps which can make your switch as comfortable and smooth as possible. Let’s go through a few important pointers before you leave for Canada.

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1. Bank accounts

  • Check and confirm that all your accounts have the ‘minimum compulsory balance’ to keep the account active. Else, you might lose all savings on the ‘fall below’ penalty.
  • If you have a salary account, it will be changed to a savings bank account (with minimum balance Rs.XXXX) after a while. Once again, you might lose your cash if you fail to have the required minimum balance.
  • If you are unable to track & hold the active status of your account, we recommend to withdraw all cash and close the bank account.
  • If you will be handling your bank account from Canada, activate the Net Banking facilities for your bank account.

2.SIM card

  • Any international roaming packages will not be activated for your SIM. If you are planning on taking the SIM card to Canada, request the customer service to activate the International roaming plan.
  • However, you will be switching to a Canadian SIM card once you arrive in Australia. If you have any postpaid plan active on the Indian SIM, terminate it before you leave.
  • All international airports have free WiFi. You can stay in touch with your close ones while travelling using the VoIP calling apps (e.g. MobileVoIP), or you can also go buy a matrix SIM card.

3. Other records

Lastly, we would like you to run by again these important records: confirm that all the income tax records are cleared and clean before you leave for Canada. You must also check that the services like your Health/Life Insurances, any Provident Funds, all Credit Cards, Business Partnerships etc. are taken care of before your departure. You must ensure that either (i) You can manage them abroad or (ii) delegate your authority to a responsible person in your home country or (iii) end/close it.

4. Education loan

  • Meet your bank manager and discuss on ways to pay the monthly interest for the study loan.
  • Note the list of the records/certificates to be submitted to the bank (e.g. University Enrollment Letter)
  • You might want to think on arranging for a Life Insurance on the education loan. Again, you can consult the bank manager on this.

5. Currency exchange

  • You need to have at least $1,000 with you when you land in Canada. Splitting this amount in a prepaid card and hard cash is suggested.
  • Usually, the bank cards may charge you with a greater conversion rate or charge additional servicing costs, when you use them in Canada. So we would suggest you to have more money in your prepaid card instead.
  • You need to grab a decent deal for money exchange. You can either (i) use the website- BookMyForex to get prime deals near your place. (ii) Contact the dedicated Forex companies (iii) Visit few banks, UAE Exchange, Western Union, Thomas Cook etc. to find out the best exchange rate. Buy Canadian Dollars.
  • Get a prepaid travel card and load it with at least half the amount of cash you are considering to carry. Keeping these ‘practical’ matters aside, you HAVE to make sure that a few basic necessities are also taken care of.

6. Learn to cook

  • After a long day with the hours-long classes at the University, you will be left to do the most important task -cooking.
  • Whether you are already a chef, or don’t even know to name the masalas, cooking will be the most important skill you will be using in Canada.
  • Eating outside every day isn’t healthy, nor is it wallet-friendly! Start learning all those yummy-in-my-tummy dishes from your mom!
  • Learn a few dishes which are easy, finger-licking good and quick to make. For the rest, VahChef and Gobble will be your buddies.

7. Do your shopping the right way

  • Only about 50-60 kgs. allowance will be given for all the things you need for a pleasant stay in Australia. Be smart in packing & in choosing what is really needed to be carried across the seas.

8. Install useful mobile apps

  • Download all the important apps on your phone before you leave for Canada. VoIP Calling Apps: MobileVOIP or any other app you generally use
  • Maps: You need to use the maps at your destination place.

Lastly, we all are emotionally linked to our family, our peers, our home, our country. Leaving our home behind creates a void which seems hard to be filled. Here are some tips to work on it.

9. Eat whatever you want. If any person tries to lecture you about your weight, eat them too!

MAJOR problem, if you are a hardcore foodie! Canadian food platters present you with comparatively low-spiced dishes, or food rich in fats and carbs and lot of meat. You will miss the smell of the Desi tadka and the taste of the masalas used in the food made back home! From your mom’s tempting dinner, to the roadside chat corners, or the soft kulchas to the tempting jalebis. Fork and knife will be your new best friends at the dining table, and placing a napkin on our lap now becomes an involuntary habit. Unless you have mastered the kitchen skills, you will have to adjust with the bland dining experience. So sit back and chomp on everything you love to eat! If you’re a total fitness freak, it is alright. You can begin working out as soon as you land in Canada. No country can match the taste of the Phirnis, Butter Naans, Biryanis or the Dal like the ones made at our homeland :’)

10. Spend time with your family; get your personal things ‘in order’

From your first day at nursery, to the present, when you are all set to embark a new journey to a new place, your family has always been there. Mom’s yummy food, dad’s scornful looks, videogame fights with brothers or dollhouse games with your sister. You will miss all this when you leave for Canada. So make sure to spend as much time as you can with them. Sit down over a cup of tea, discuss your plans and goals for the future. Speak out your mind and get all personal things sorted out. You will miss the days when you can enjoy their company. Take the blessings of your elders before you depart to Canada.

11. Spend time with your best friend

Family problems, exam pressure, Goa plans or late night drives. We always go to our besties and pour out everything we have in our mind. If you are lucky to arrive in Canada with someone by your side, then it’s terrific! But without anyone to speak to, or trouble with your lame jokes, or share memes to, life can get a little boring. Make some time for them. Go out and have a fun time with your best buddies! Do every crazy thing you have always thought of. It will be long until your paths cross again. Click as many photographs and make the most insane tiktoks. But do spend as much time with them and leave on a good note.

12. Hold your heart and bid the final farewell!

Goodbyes are so hard, we know. Not only does your farewell extend to your family and friends, but also to all the other important things that have always been an integral part of your life. This good-bye goes to your motherland too! You will never to see your country the same way again. So be appreciative for every person and everything that has been a part of your life, and bid adieu with a big, warm smile.

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