Selection Process

The application process for all educational institutions in Canada might look a little tense. But every effort will bear fruit once you are selected in your favourite college/university! With proper guidance, you can handle the application process efficiently. All the best!

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Before You Start

  • List down all the admission requirements and the eligibility criteria for the institutions you are aiming at. Also, check for any country-specific requirements (if provided)
  • Make sure you have notarised copies of some of the original documents.

Online Application

  • The universities/colleges have online application portals where you can apply for their programmes.
  • Register with your personal information. Always fill in everything correctly, as in the Passport.
  • Make sure you check your email often. You might be contacted, but sometimes their emails might go to the spam folder. Be careful while deleting out spam.
  • In the online application, you will be needed to
  • Upload the scanned certificates, records and other documents
  • Fill in the student’s information as in the Passport / any other National Identification Document
  • Provide email addresses of your academic/professional recommenders
  • Print out the application form, sign it (if required), then upload the acknowledgement.
  • Then you can proceed to apply.

Initial Profile Evaluation

  • Usually, your candidacy is assessed solely on your online application, with all records & certificates submitted by you. You need to just wait for any response or changes in the application status.
  • Personal Interview: Sometimes, you might be interviewed on Skype/telephone, where you will be questioned on your profile and interests.

Document Verification

  • Sometimes, the institutions select only based on the online application. You need not submit any hard copies then; your documents shall be checked and verified when you enrol with the College/University.
  • There might also be cases when the universities/colleges need you to submit the notarised copies of your documents. The second phase of evaluation happens when you give the physical copies. You will then get the final result in the following days.
  • The institution will send you the admission letter only after you have confirmed your admission via email.

Additional Tips

  • Keep the application records/certificates/documents in the same order as mentioned on the university portal.
  • Keep a cover letter mentioning all the certificates & documents enclosed (following the same order); keep it at the top.
  • Use good quality paper to have all the critical documents printed – be it your CV, SOP or LORs. Never print on both sides.
  • Use paper clips to keep all the papers together.
  • Write your name/student ID/application ID on all the documents with a pencil. This way, your application papers will not get shuffled with others.

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