Starter Kit

We heartily wish you all the best of luck with your application process. We will make sure to help you with the best of our abilities and hopefully, get your admit to your dream university! Let’s get started!

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STEP 1: Get an Overview

Confused about where to start, and what procedure to go on with? Here you will learn about all the 15 steps that are a part of the application process. Read each section carefully.

STEP 2: Check the Application Timeline

Before getting all riled up, it is necessary to know the timeline for each procedure and plan accordingly. This helps you in tracking your progress when compared to a standard timeline. Check this link to plan your application.

STEP 3: Evaluate your Profile

Before you start the search for institutions, spend some time analysing your profile. Understand the strong points and threats to your profile. Secondly, think about which course(s) fits your portfolio and also appeals to you. Check this section to get tips on the same.

STEP 4: Start Searching for Universities

It might be a lot of work to visit every University’s website. Find the courses they offer, and see if they interest you or not. Here we have an easy list which will help you through the University courses easily.

STEP 5: Prepare your Documents

Following is a list of all the documentation required for the application process. Prepare them accordingly.

NOU – Number Of target Universities

Indian PassportIndian Passport
Secondary School Certificate (SSC/SSLC)Original, 1 × scanned copy, NOU × photocopy
Higher School Certificate (HSC/PUC)Original, 1 × scanned copy, NOU × photocopy
Bachelor's Degree CertificateOriginal, 1 × scanned copy, NOU × photocopy
Bachelor's TranscriptsNOU × original; Duly attested - in sealed covers , 1 × scanned copy
Curriculum VitaeNOU × original, 1 × scanned copy
Recommendation letters3 in nos, on the official letterhead, duly attested, in sealed covers; 1 x scanned copy of each

From College
  • HOD or College Dean
  • Project Guide
  • Professor/Lecturer who taught you at least one course (Recommended)
  • Professor/Lecturer who taught you at least two courses (Recommended)
From Work
  • Project Manager or higher-ups
  • Team Lead (Recommended)
  • Internship supervisor (Sufficient)
Best Combination: Two from college and one from work.
Statement of PurposeNOU × original, NOU × scanned copy (if necessary)
TOEFL, IELTS, GREOriginal Score Card, 1 × scanned copy
GREOriginal Score Card, 1 × scanned copy
Work Experience, Offer Letter, Experience Letter (if applicable)Original, 1 × scanned copy (if necessary), NOU × photocopy
PhotographsTake professional application photographs
Other CertificatesKeep the scanned copies of all the extra-curricular certificates (Optional, Recommended)

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