Top 10 Universities for Master's in Business Analytics in Canada

The future of business lies in data-driven decision making. Companies in every industry, including health, management, technology, and manufacturing, are seeking professionals capable of managing data. The surging demand for efficient business analytics has sparked the setting of business enterprise platforms dedicated to data analytics. These systems unearth organisational data to cherry-pick the crucial details that help leaders make informed decisions.

Professionals in technical fields like engineering, physics, mathematics, and computer science can pursue this program. A Master's in Business Analytics course prepares you to undertake critical business challenges. Courses taught in these programs include statistical analysis and data analysis, skills that apply to any field of work. Undoubtedly, now is the best time for you to pursue a career in data science and data analytics, which brings us to the next question outlined below.

Why choose Canada for a Master’s degree?

Canada is fast becoming the new global hub for education as it welcomes students from all across the globe with open arms. The country has a very diverse population and is known to be respectful of other cultures. As a Master's student in Canada, you get the opportunity to study in universities with world-class infrastructure and award-winning faculties. Studying under the guidance of industry experts and research scholars enhances your knowledge of the subject by many folds. The international exposure will also improve your soft skills and change your world perspective for the better.

Apart from providing excellent education, Canada also offers work programs that you can opt for once you complete your training. Doing your master's in Canada provides you with a unique platform to continue to live in Canada while diversifying and developing your professional skills. Three Canadian universities feature in the top 100 QS world rankings in Business Analytics, highlighting Canada's growing influence on the world stage when it comes to education.

What is the difference between MBA in Business Analytics and MSc in Business Analytics?

Before you start looking for universities to apply to, there are a few things you need to know. There are two types of Master's degrees in business analytics. You can either do an MBA in Business Analytics or an MSc in Business Analytics depending on your educational background and career preferences. MBA programs are designed to train you for managerial positions that require leadership skills. These courses are more business-oriented, unlike MSc programs which are research-oriented. If you are interested in policymaking and policy formulation, you should choose an MBA in Business Analytics. These programs give you a broader scope when it comes to job opportunities.

On the other hand, if you're interested in developing data models and other technicalities of Business Analytics, the MSc program would be the better option. Data science is a booming industry, and in today's information society, data scientists are always in high demand. If you decide to do an MSc in Business Analytics, you will have an array of big data jobs that you will be eligible to apply. Some of these jobs include data scientist, management analyst, marketing analyst, operations research analyst, and data architect positions. Many industry leaders have data analytics as their primary focus for innovation and productivity in modern firms. The employment growth in data analytics is expected to be one of the largest among all occupations in Canada.

Whichever program you choose, your career options are plenty, and with rapid advances in technology, they will only get better with time.

Best Universities offering Master's in Business Analytics in Canada

Here is the list of some of the most sought-after graduate degrees in Data Science and Analytics. Master's in Business Analytics are technical programs with a business edge, and these are some of the best schools in Canada that offer courses for international students to apply. Below, you will find all the information needed for international students who wish to travel to Canada for more academically-fulfilling and career-enhancing opportunities in higher education.

1. The University of British Columbia (UBC)

The University of British Columbia is known as a public research university established in 1908. UBC is known for its innovative environment and drives for sustainable change. It is globally ranked among the 20 best universities in the world. Located in British Columbia, Canada, the university has one of the largest research libraries in the country. The University of British Columbia has an astounding record of accomplished alumni including two previous Canadian prime ministers and the current Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau.

UBC Sauder School of Business

The UBC Sauder School of Business offers a 1-year course called UBC Master in Business Analytics (MBAN). This program deals with the full analytics spectrum, including data management, data analytics, and decision analytics. You get the opportunity to learn how strategic recommendations and data-based business decisions are made. It is precisely what the top firms around the world are looking for in Business Analytics. UBC Sauder awards entrance scholarships to 35-45% of students in every batch. To qualify for these scholarships, you will need to meet the merit requirements and apply before the application deadlines specified on the scholarships, awards and financial assistance page.

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2. The Schulich School of Business

This school offers a 1-year full-time course in Business Analytics. The Schulich Master of Business Analytics (MBAN) program is designed to give you the skills and techniques to become an expert in this ever-evolving, high-demand field. In the Capstone program, students work with real data and people to understand the concepts of Big Data in real-time scenarios. Students will learn to resolve problem-driven analytics projects and develop appropriate business solutions using the resources of Deloitte Cognitive Analytics and Visualization Lab. You will directly communicate with industry leaders and develop both technical and organisational expertise in the field of business analytics.

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3. University of Alberta (U of A)

The University of Alberta is another public research university chartered in 1906. It has five main campuses comprised of 150 buildings. Four campuses are located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada while the historic Augustana campus is in Camrose, Alberta. The U of A offers over 500 graduate programs and has a diverse community of students from more than 156 countries. The university alumni are esteemed members of the society, including political leaders, Nobel laureates, and academic scholars.

Alberta School Of Business

The Operations and Business Analytics program is designed to provide the students with cutting-edge technical training and broader understanding of the subjects, while also building the higher-level strategic and managerial mindset needed to lead organisations from the front. Operations Management and Business Analytics are becoming increasingly important areas of business. Knowledge in these areas can provide companies with a significant advantage over competitors. They also help you in dealing with complex issues faced by the company and make decisions based on data.

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4. The University of Western Ontario (UWO)

The Western University located in Ontario, Canada was originally founded in 1878. This public research university has twelve academic departments specialising in different disciplines. The university is a part of the U15 group, which is an association of 15 prominent research universities in Canada that focus on competitive research. The Western is known to have the most beautiful campus as compared to other universities in the country. With over 30,000 students and more than 400 specialisations to choose from, the university provides an extraordinary learning experience that they call 'The Western Experience'.

Ivey Business School

Ivey Business School is officially the Faculty of Business at the Western University. Ivey's MSc in Business Analytics course deals with teaching methods to gain insights from large data sets using statistical methods, optimisation techniques and predictive models. The program also helps in gaining an understanding of the role of Business Analytics in an organisation. The school continually strives to improve your business acumen and communication skills to make you job-ready.

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5. HEC Paris

Ranked as one of the most powerful business schools in the world, HEC Paris is an elite grandes écoles. Established in 1881, the business school has alumni members who are prominent political and business figures in the country. HEC Paris offers MSc in Data Science and Business Analytics. Students are taught advanced methods in optimisation, modelling, statistics and machine learning which can be applied in management. During the course of the program, students acquire management skills by building complex data and optimisation models using programming languages and specialised software.

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6. McGill University

McGill is a publicly funded research university and ranks as one of the best universities in Canada. The campus is located in Montreal, Quebec and was established in 1821. With students from over 150 countries, McGill University is an excellent choice for international students.

Desautels Faculty of Management

The Master of Management in Analytics (MMA) degree offered by the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University is a 1-year-long program in the field of management analytics with a strong emphasis on experiential-based learning. The program is designed to address the growing needs of organisations around the world in the field of Business Analytics. The focus of the program is on resolving management problems and using data analytics tools to optimise organisational decisions.

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7. McMaster University

McMaster is a publicly-funded research university and was established in 1881. Formerly called the Toronto Baptist College, the 300-acre large campus is located in Hamilton, Ontario. DeGroote School of Business falls under the university and has an off-site campus in Burlington. Founded in 1952, the business school is ranked as one of the best higher learning education institutes for studying business in Canada.

DeGroote School of Business

A Masters of Business Analytics course from McMaster DeGroote School of Business provides students with numerous career options in Business Analytics with three application tracks in finance, marketing and operations being the focal point. Here, you also learn to use Business Analytics as the primary way to evaluate professional designations with courses such as INFORMS Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) and the SAP Business Integration Certification program.

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8. Carleton University

Carleton University is a public university located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Initially called Carleton College, it was established in 1942 as a non-denominational college to provide education to veterans. The university delivers high-quality management education with a well-experienced faculty to more than 24,000 part-time and full-time students enrolled in various programs.

Sprott School of Business

The Sprott MBA program highlights the latest management tools and practices with a real-life approach. The program uses an interdisciplinary approach and offers an integrated core curriculum in Business Analytics. The core courses cover a cross-section of business disciplines to give students a foundation of articulated knowledge and skills required to identify and solve complex management issues in real-world situations.

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9. Trent University

Established in 1964, the Trent university is located in Peterborough, Ontario. It is a publicly-funded university that predominantly focusses on teaching liberal arts. The Trent university is famous for its Oxbridge college system composed of close-knit student communities and class sizes of not more than 30 students.

Trent School of Graduate Studies

Trent University was one of the pioneering educational institutions in Canada to develop curriculums that bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application of data science. The 16-month program focussing on Big Data analytics prepares you for the business world. The full-time course equips you with in-demand skills like data visualisation, parallel programming, data mining and cloud computing. These skills are necessary for you to apply to jobs such as those of a data scientist, business analyst, data solution architect and business manager.

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10. Centennial College

Established in 1966, Centennial college is a publicly funded college located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is one of the oldest colleges in the Ontario province. Interestingly, Centennial college is also one of the most culturally diverse educational institutions in Ontario. They offer over 260 different programs in different disciplines. The Business Analytics and Insights – Canadian Context program is meant for young professionals to smoothly transition into Canada's booming business space. The course is designed to train students with advanced skills of statistical analysis that are necessary for business success.

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For students looking for information on Master's in Business Analytics in Canada, this article provides all relevant details of the program - list of top 10 universities offering this program, the program structure, course duration and source links for the respective university websites and application portals. Many of these universities offer Master programs of 1-year duration, while others offer 16-month to 2-year programs.

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