Why Study in Canada? Top Reasons to Choose Canada for your Higher Studies

Why Study in Canada ?

Overseas education is considered one of the most rewarding experiences in one’s life for numerous reasons, especially in terms of rich personal experiences, academic excellence, new culture, global cosmopolitan environment. There are various countries known for top-class education, and amongst them, Canada has got a special place. International students prefer to study in Canada due to several factors. As per studies, more than 65000 students have been studying in Canada across all academic streams until 2019. The country is known for higher education in the areas such as engineering, computer science, business, hospitality and tourism, and many more.

Top Reasons to Study in Canada

Top Reasons to Study in Canada

Source: immigration.ca

Let’s take a look at the top reasons that inspire international students for studying in Canada.

1. Quality Education and Scholarship

There is no denying the fact that Canada is reputed for world-class institutions and quality education. Pursuing education from leading institutions is one of the major reasons that attract international students. The value of education from the universities in Canada is held in high esteem across the globe. Besides quality education, the Canadian Government and Universities provide financial aid for the students especially through scholarships. This is a great bargain for students as they can get a quality education at a very low fee. This is one of the primary reasons that make it promising to study in Canada.

2. Part-Time Job Opportunities

Another important factor that attracts international students is the job opportunities while studying. Canadian Universities allow students to engage in part-time jobs while studying. The interesting fact is that no job permit is necessary for the work on campus, and students are permitted to work up to 20 hours/week. After the completion of the studies, there is a vast number of employment opportunities in many domains.

3. Research Values

As we know, a pragmatic approach in education is essential, and research is one of the cardinal aspects of it. Canadian universities give a good platform to research facilities and encourage students with great ideas. The students can easily get involved in research activities and also get help from the industries and Government if the research is beneficial. This is truly proactive and encourages an atmosphere for upbringing the budding scholars and scientists.

4. Campus Life

Campus Life

The vibrant campus lives of Canadian universities make it more attractive. Every university has its own lifestyle and it will help the students understand the culture and the social norms. The cosmopolitan nature of campus facilitates a good platform for the international students and gives a homely feel, and Canadian culture always welcomes new people with dignity and respect. The extracurricular activities, in the complete sense, develop the personality of the students. The international students will get good exposure, and this makes the study in Canada a noteworthy experience.

5. The Soothing Atmosphere and Vibrant Climate

As we know, Canada is not only known for higher education but is also reputed for its scenic beauty. The different hues of nature make this country a soothing place for visitors. Canada has got a warm summer and a very cold winter each year. The international students, especially students coming from India, feel good in this season. During winter it is very cold. People like to stay indoors during this time. During spring, the chilly breeze will flow in the country, and fall is the most beautiful season of Canada. It is considered the best season in Canada. Besides, the amusement parks, beautiful nature, and wildlife will surely attract students.

6. Beautiful Landscapes

Beautiful Landscapes

Canada has a vast landscape that offers mind-blowing views and experiences across different seasons. Niagara Falls in Ontario, Jasper National Park in Alberta, Percé Rock of the Gaspé in Quebec and Whistler Mountain in British Columbia are some of the places that warrant a visit from any international student. Travelling across this scenic country and getting to know the people and their lifestyle will make for an interesting adventure.

7. Multilingual Society

Canadian society is known for its multilingual approach. The native people speak English and French. However, the arrival of global students to study in Canada transforms it into a multilingual society with varied cultures and multiple languages. Equal opportunity for students will also offer a safe environment. After the arrival of several students and immigrants to Canada, it has become a multilingual country with many languages, religions, and cultures.

8. Simple Immigration Process

The other significant feature that attracts international students to study in Canada is the work permit visa along with study visa is given to the students. After graduation, students can work here for two years, and after the completion of one year, students can apply to become permanent residents of Canada. Citizenship and Immigration Canada has made it easy to get a student visa and help the student during their stay in Canada for higher education. The students can work inside the campus as well as outside the campus.


These are the top reasons for international students to study in Canada. Getting world-class education in a country with a high-standard of living is nothing short of an extraordinary experience. Not just that, Canada also ranks high in the safety index, which is of utmost importance to an international student. It looks like Canada ticks all the right boxes to be a haven for higher education!

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