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This platform is built to simplify your application process for Canada Universities. How? By providing the consolidated and reliable information about higher studies in Canada (in general) and the application procedure (in particular)!

"We have built a platform which is helping thousands of aspirants every day. A random thank you note on email or a whatsapp message telling how this website helped them keeps us going!"

We hope that you too would find this website equally useful. But more importantly, we wish you a great success in starting your MS in Canada!

The Story

behind MS in Canada

This platform was originally started by me in August 2016 as a personal blog where I put across some tips on how to apply to the German universities. But it didn't take me long time to realize that there's a desperate need for a platform that can solve a very realistic problem of university application process. And I was the right person to build it!

When I decided to apply for our higher studies in Germany, I was as naive as anyone else. I didnā€™t know where to start and the information available on social networks was ā€˜misleadingā€™ for theĀ most part. If I look back now, it is clear that I wasted a huge deal of time and effort in preparing unnecessary documentsĀ or applying for the wrong universities. Moreover, I squandered a lot of money in doing so! All because I didnā€™t have a clear information about the overall procedure.

Now I know, this was not just my story. A little research revealed me that almost everyone wasted valuable time and money in doing something which is unnecessary for the application process. Sad yet, they were misguided by consultancies, and ended up paying a lot of money for it. In fact, unless you have a friend/family member who can guide you from start to finish, your story would likely to be same.

This platform my attempt towards solving this problem. Even though it is a work in progress, I believe, combined with a little effortĀ from your side, the information here is all you need to start your studies in Germany.

Uday Yatnalli

Founder, MS in Canada

Meet The Team

Uday Yatnalli

Founder and CEO


operation manager

Akshay Kulkarni

Sales Executive

Rahul Mashal

Web Development


content writer


University Applications Consultant

Nagashree H V

Digital Marketing Executive

Manjunath Kashi

Business Development Executive


University Applications Consultant

Vinayak Rao

Sales Executive

Kavya Shree

University Applications Consultant

Deepa Emparala

University Applications Consultant

Goals of this website

  1. To provide reliable, simplified and organized information about the entire process of application for a Masters course in Canada.

  2. To create a convenient platform for people to help out each other in achieving a common goal.

  3. To guide you through all the stages from start to finish and ultimately to be a part of your success.

MS in CanadaĀ® is a part of QOGENT Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd. located in Bangalore, India. Qogent is our next big venture in the Education sector, where we are building online courses for many competitive exams in India and abroad.

MS in Canada

Redefining Overseas Education

MS in Canada’s mission is to make Global Education accessible to all by creating a Platform which enables Aspiring Students to pursue their Higher Education Abroad

One-stop destination for your higher studies in Canada!

MSinCanada is a platform for overseas education, built with a mission to provide support for aspiring students like you planning to pursue your higher studies in Canada. On this platform, you can find free information, free counseling and free support as well!

Our goal is to simplify your application process for Canada Universities by providing all the necessary information, tools and services through a single platform so that you don't have to look anywhere else. Over the years, we've helped thousands of aspirants secure admission for their dream universities abroad. We'll be delighted if you wish to be a part of our success story and sincerely hope that you'll find what you are looking for on this platform. Wishing you tremendous success in your pursuit for higher education in Canada!!

How it all began?

Hello Everyone!! I am Uday Yatnalli, the Founder and CEO of MSinCanada. Interestingly, years ago, I was one of the aspirants for a Master's program abroad. So, let me tell you how it all started!

When I decided to apply for higher studies, I did a considerable amount of research over the web and realized that there is a severe deficiency in resources that provide across-the-board details concerning application procedure for International Universities. Post-completion of my studies in Germany, I returned back home and kick-started the MSinGermany platform originally as a personal blog and subsequently a fully-functional setup along with a dedicated team of dynamic associates.

I am proud to say that MSinGermany was a successful venture which helped hundreds of students attain their dream of studying in Germany. This success inspired us to broaden our horizon and move on to other most-sought after study destinations, Canada being one of the top choices for international students. Our talented team is relentlessly working towards providing the much-needed support for our MSinCanada venture and improving our systems and processes along the way. We hope that you too will find your calling, and this story of our aspiring organization inspires you in achieving your goals.

Uday Yatnalli

Qogent Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd

MS in Canada is a part of QOGENT Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd. located in Bangalore, India. At Qogent, we work on creating online platforms for aspiring students who wish to pursue their higher studies abroad.


We operate transparently, sharing our success stories with the team and accepting our business failures. This core value is an integral part of our work culture that teaches us to learn from shortcomings, to grow and thrive.


We work with honesty and commitment towards our common goal. We value our workplace, colleagues and customers and hold no tolerance for politics, discrimination or aggression. We take ownership of our actions and learn from oversights.


We pride ourselves in motivating employees to grow and prosper through dynamic work experience and regular training sessions. We believe in moving ahead by improving our systems and processes and ultimately aim towards overall progress.


We take utmost responsibility in delivering quality service to our customers. We shall promise only what we can deliver, and we will deliver what we promise!

Our Culture & Values

Our values define us and the way we function. Each of our core values is in sync with our vision and mission!

meet our amazing team

The Faces Behind our Success

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them

Uday Yatnalli

Founder and CEO

Sai Dharwadkar

Operations Manager

Varshini M

Admissions Counsellor

Pavitthira Padmanabhan

Senior Content Writer

Rahul Mashal

Senior Software Developer

Maria Glenny

Admissions Counsellor

Ashra Farhat

Marketing Executive

Shristi Shrivastava

Digital Marketing

Aiswaryalakshmi V

Overseas education consultant


Applications Support


University Applications Consultant


University Applications Consultant

Edward Smith

Strategy Dreamer

Jennie Stone

Social Media

Nichole Reed

Senior Designer

MS in AustraliaĀ® is a part of QOGENT Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd. located in Bangalore, India. Qogent is our next big venture in the Education sector, where we are building online courses for many competitive exams in India and abroad.

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