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Indian Students Love The Niyo Global Card & Save On Their Expenses Abroad

Pay your College Fees via NiYO Global Card. Stats: College fees feature in top 10 activities of our card

Use the NiYO card for your canteen expenses, ecom & POS transactions. (Both domestically and globally)

No Forex Markup while travelling abroad and other convenient features.

Frequently asked questions

Here’s How:

  1. You will receive the callback from NiYO once you apply for the service.

NiYO Global Card is an INR card, which can be used globally, including in India.

Zero. At the time of settlement, you will only be charged the the prevalent VISA exchange rate.

The VISA exchange rate is the Forex rate charge by the VISA treasury. This is very close to IBRs (inter-bank rates), or the rate at which banks exchange currency with one another. This is widely known as the lowest possible exchange rate.


First time users have to transfer using their bank’s website.

  • Login to respective bank’s portal.
  • Add beneficiary details, your account number and IFSC code
  • Transfer using NEFT/IMPS Subsequently, users can also use there mobile banking to transfer money to their Niyo Accounts

Yes. Your card is fully supported by our NiYO mobile banking app, through which you get real-time transaction notifications, transaction summaries, balance inquiries, custom bank statements, safety features, an ATM locator, an up-to-date currency converter, the ability to transfer funds, and much more.


Your card is valid for 5 years.

NiYO can only issue cards to Indian Citizens holding a valid Aadhaar and PAN card.

Anywhere in the world where VISA cards are accepted.

If you have any further questions check out NiYO FAQ Page, or feel free to Contact Us.

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